At Alight, we know that no two organisations are alike. And when it comes to better serving your people, one-size-fits-all solutions just won’t cut it.

From financial management project readiness and HR transformation to full-service cloud deployments and ongoing administration, Alight provides the partnerships and expertise to help your organisation thrive, no matter where you are in your journey. We work with some of the top-tier technology providers in the industry, such as Cornerstone and Workday, to ensure you are getting the most out of your experience—and your investment.

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Our team highlights areas of potential optimisation in HR, payroll and finance.

Our comprehensive solutions provide the support you need to enable your current and future roadmap.


Expertise in cloud HCM transformation, gives you the resources you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

HR Transformation

Benefit from our expertise in helping organizations in the low effort, high impact HR journey through a full suite of transformation services that include:

  • Human capital strategy
  • Current state assessment
  • Business case
  • HR operating model
  • Implementation support and process re-engineering

Employee experience

Drive up commitment, collaboration and adoption of programs through a well thought through suite of interventions that help address the needs of singularity, personalization and experience. Our services include:

  • Employee value proposition
  • Experience optimization

Change management

Navigate change across your transformative or technology led projects through execution driven advise that de-risks investments and efforts.

  • Change management
  • Project and program management

Technology and automation

Leverage our years of experience in helping reimagine HR in a digital world through advise, enablement and execution for your technology and automation projects.

  • HR technology strategy and selection
  • Deployment consulting
  • Automation advisory

Cloud Deployment

Benefit from a holistic approach to SaaS across HCM and financial management so your team can operate better and smarter—without the added risk.


Eliminated risk for a deployment made easy

Our global deployment solutions make transitioning your HCM, payroll and financial management to the cloud a breeze. With colleagues certified and dedicated to administering SaaS systems, our holistic approach eliminates both short and long-term risks, giving you the confidence you need to transform your organisation for the better.

Our services include:

  • Data conversion
  • Process configuration
  • Integration development
  • Change management
  • Testing
  • Enablement packages for post-go-live success

Cloud Application Management Services

Optimise your entire deployment process while minimising your risk and maximising your ROI.

Application Management Services

Minimise the unpredictable, maximise your ROI

If your organisation is already live on a SaaS platform, let us help you optimise your operation to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. With our Application Management Services (AMS), you can guarantee your solution will run effectively, efficiently and with full financial integrity to ensure peak performance.

Our budget-friendly, high quality services include:

  • Tenant and integration assessments
  • Tenant and release management
  • Integration management
  • Configuration support and consultation
  • New feature and functionality enablement
  • Business initiative support
  • Strategic road mapping consultation and support
  • Reporting, insights and analytics

Our commitment to our clients is a responsibility we take personally.

Digital transformation is redefining what the workplace of tomorrow looks like. Alight, People Matters and Tokopedia discuss what this means for organizations as they start off on their transformation journey.

It’s not just about implementing but it’s also advising. My experience with them [Alight] is the best because when we do the development, I’m not just instructing how to make the development.

Organization Development, Tokopedia

Go-Jek talks about how digital transformation has redefined the role of HR, especially in digital companies.

As employee experience becomes the key aspect to future of work, HR needs to be better at listening and developing a more holistic approach to our employees, one that combines traditional talent management practices with technology.

Monica Oudang
Chief Human Resources Officer, Go-Jek

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, Thailand shares their fascinating digital transformation journey.

So, we have to change the way we do things from the traditional way to the new, find a new platform and a new way to help the employee to become digital transformative as well. And that means that as an HR, we have to change our roles to be an innovator, change agent and also collaborator to help get the employee updated and get on with this transformation.

Apiradee Pravinvongvuth
Senior HR Specialist, Key User & Project Leader, Bangchak

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